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Home Made Biltong in the USA

I’ve been making Biltong for my family, in the USA, since we moved here in 1998 from South Africa. If you are South African, then you know how important having this cured beef snack around, is to us. Especially when watching Rugby on Saturdays! How dare one do that without Biltong and an ice cold […]

How to dry or cure Beef Biltong at home

To make and dry Biltong at home, you will need a large enough, well-ventilated box, to hold your batches of Biltong. You can hang the Biltong in any cool, dry place. Protect the meat from insects, and dust particles use a screened container. There are many different commercial ones you can buy. If you are […]

How to make Biltong

En nou gaan ons dit stap vir stap verduidelik… We’ll guide you through the steps of how to make your own home-made Biltong. Before you plan to make your Biltong, make sure you have all the crucial ingredients on hand. First and foremost, you will need the right blend of fresh, Biltong Spices Here is […]

It is all about the Biltong Spices

Do you see the spice bag I’m holding here? Some South Africans will recognize it. We have switched from using these kinds of brands, to making our own, fresh spice blend, right here in America. Firstly it has been hard to come by all the way from South Africa. Always having to think about how […]

What is Biltong

Let me give you some background and history about your favorite new snack.  It is pronounced /ˈbɪlˌtɒŋ/ The most important thing to know about Biltong is that it is South Africa’s favorite cured meat snack. A snack that they love and are passionate about. One that they can almost not live without. One that you […]