Home Made Biltong in the USA

Fall Sunday 2008 061

I’ve been making Biltong for my family, in the USA, since we moved here in 1998 from South Africa. If you are South African, then you know how important having this cured beef snack around, is to us. Especially when watching Rugby on Saturdays! How dare one do that without Biltong and an ice cold beer?

Fall Sunday 2008 070
There’s nothing better than enjoying fresh Biltong, Rugby and an Ice Cold Beer on a Saturday afternoon! En dán gaan ons braai…

All the pictures on my website are of Biltong I have personally made over the years, right here in my home, in NJ. My goal is to supply anyone who wants to put their hand to making their own Biltong, with a special blend of Biltong Spices. This recipe that I use to blend my spices with has been tried and tested over the years and found to be the best, this side of the pond!

Alleys Off Of Spring Street 035 We like to make sandwiches, amongst plenty of other things, using beef Biltong, whenever a fresh batch comes out of the dry box. If you like it wet (rare) like my wife Amanda does, that means slicing it after just 3 days of drying. That’s it!

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