It is all about the Biltong Spices


Do you see the spice bag I’m holding here? Some South Africans will recognize it. We have switched from using these kinds of brands, to making our own, fresh spice blend, right here in America. Firstly it has been hard to come by all the way from South Africa. Always having to think about how and where I will get spices from, I’ve decided a few years ago, to mix our own.

Secondly the issue of MSG; most South African spices are riddled with this stuff. Hopefully we don’t have to elaborate about the harmful effects on the human body when it comes to mono-sodium glutamate. You can merely do a search online to find out what that is all about.


There are numerous different Biltong Spice blends out there and some are as simple as merely salt and pepper. It is all about personal preference.

My spice blend is simple and as I’ve said before, the secret is in the ratio of spices used. What makes my spices stand out is that they are conveniently premixed in just the right amounts for you to make a quick batch of Biltong at home.






3 thoughts on “It is all about the Biltong Spices

    • Bennie says:

      Hi June, just look for the tab named “Shop” where you will find my Classic Biltong Spices.
      That is the traditional biltong spices.

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