How to dry or cure Beef Biltong at home

To make and dry Biltong at home, you will need a large enough, well-ventilated box, to hold your batches of Biltong. You can hang the Biltong in any cool, dry place. Protect the meat from insects, and dust particles use a screened container. There are many different commercial ones you can buy. If you are handy, you can make one. I’m not a fan of the ones I’ve seen online where people use plastic totes.

We use one that was homemade with dowels and covered with screen door material. On the inside is a dowel bar that we hang the Biltong up on bent paper clips. The large sized ones work the best.


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Line the inside bottom of the Biltong box with a paper towel to absorb the moisture dripping from the meat during the first hours of hanging the freshly made Biltong. It will start drying out very quickly after that, and no further drips will occur.

Use an electric fan on low speed, near the meat to help the cold, dry air circulate the biltong. It is very important to keep the air flowing around the meat at all times. Moisture and humidity in the air will spoil the meat in no time. In fact, we like to make Biltong in the colder months, but using an air conditioner and fan in the summer months means a steady supply of Biltong all year round!

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